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9/19 Washington DC- "Attack of the Comics" at Solly's Bar, 9pm

9/20 Charlotte, NC- "All Organic Comedy" at the Evening Muse, 10pm (Headlining)

9/21 Charlotte, NC- Craft Comedy at Cabarrus Brewing, 8pm (Headlining)

9/22 Huntsville, AL- Flying Monkey Theater, 8pm

9/23 Atlanta, GA "The 1am Show, Smiths Old Bar, 1am

9/25 Atlanta, GA- Beer and Comedy Night at Sweetwater Brewing, 8pm

9/26 Memphis, TN- "The Tuesday Show" at High Cotton Brewing, 730pm (Headlining)

9/27 Chattanooga, TN, JJ's Bohemia 8pm (Headlining)

9/28 Louisville, KY, The Bardstown Theater, 8pm (Headlining)

9/30 NYC- PIT Loft, 5pm

10/1 NYC-Standing Room Comedy Club, 8pm

10/2 NYC- "No Exit" At The Well, 8pm

10/2 NYC-Arsestoria Comedy Show, 9pm

10/4 NYC- Goliath Comedy, Cantina Royale 830pm

10/5 NYC- Bomb Shelter Comedy Show, The Gaf West, 8pm

10/6 NYC- Coast to Coast Comedy, Karma Lounge 730

10/7 Philadelphia- Comedy Underdogs, L'Etage, 8pm (Headlining)

10/7 Philadelphia- The Dance, Good Good Comedy Theater 11:30pm

10/9 NYC- Local 138, 9pm

10/10 NYC- "Send in the Clowns" Friends and Lovers Bar, 9pm

10/11 NYC- "Hump Day", Coogan's 9pm

10/12 NYC- Old Man Hustle, 8pm

10/13-10/15 Oklahoma City, NACA Central Conference

10/17 NYC- The Tank Theater, 930pm

10/18 NYC- QED, Queens NY, 730

10/19 Buffalo- Helium Comedy Club, 8pm

10/20-10/21 Buffalo- NACA MidAtlantic Conference

10/21 NYC- Comedy Commune, 8pm (

10/22 NYC Standing Room Comedy Club, 8pm

10/22 NYC- Village Lantern, 10pm

10/23 NYC- "Comedy Night at Snowdonia", 9pm

10/25 NYC- Creek and The Cave, 10pm

10/25 NYC- Village Lantern, 10pm

10/26 NYC- "Time of Your Life Comedy", Salzy Bar, 9pm

10/26 NYC- Stand Up NY, 10pm

10/26 NYC- Creek and the Cave, 10pm

10/27 NYC- "Character Assasination Roast"- Creek and the Cave, 10pm

10/27 NYC- Village Lantern, Midnighy

10/29 NYC- New York Comedy Club, 7pm

10/29 NYC "If You Build It", UCB East, 7:30pm

10/29 NYC New York Comedy Club, 9:15pm

10/30 NYC- New York Comedy Club, 7pm

10/30 NYC Village Lantern, 10:00pm

11/2-11/4 NACA Northeast Showcase, Hartford CT

11/4 NYC- New York Comedy Club, 7pm

11/4 NYC- Old Man Hustle, 8pm

11/6 NYC- New York Comedy Club, 7pm

11/6 NYC- "Run from the Police", Muchmores, 8pm

11/9 NYC- Village Lantern 10pm

11/10 NYC- Stand UP New York, 8pm

11/10 NYC- Barbershop Comedy, 830pm

11/10 NYC- QED, 11pm

11/11 NYC- Stand UP New York, 230pm

11/11 NYC- Pinebox Rock Shop, 8pm

11/11 NYC- The PIT, 9pm

11/12 NYC- Dromedary Bar, 9pm

11/13- NYC - Creek and The Cave, 10pm









The AV Club interviewed me about my web series, "Boompole Guy," Check out the full article here

The Columbia University student blog wrote up my sketch group. Read it here.


Religion News Service interviewed me and Delaney Yeager about our video "Atheist Mingle". Check it out here.


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